The Cheriton Road Sports Ground Trust

Inclusive, Accessible Sporting Opportunities For All.

Cheriton Road Sports Ground Trust are a registered charity, responsible for the development and operation of Three Hills Sports Park. Volunteer Trustees and Directors are appointed from the three core clubs, Folkestone Cricket Club, Folkestone Optimists Hockey Club and Folkestone Running and Athletics Club.

The aims and objectives of the Cheriton Road Sports Ground Trust is to provide inclusive and accessible sport and leisure opportunities for all, aimed at improving health, wellbeing and increasing social interaction opportunities on a long-term basis.

We aim to do this by:

  • working in partnership with our communities and partners to remove barriers to participation that many communities face to ensure and enable continual participation.
  • enabling the communities throughout Folkestone & Hythe to become more physically and socially active, empowered and engaged within their communities.
  • delivering a fantastic and rewarding participant experience.
  • working with our existing and future partners we take the lead for and consistently provide great service
  • becoming the sport and physical activity provider of choice for our local, regional and national partners, participants and all communities.
  • working together with Folkestone & Hythe leisure and sports providers to ensure that the whole of the district have facilities in place that are working together and share our many skills, knowledge and expertise.
  • known as a responsible, forward thinking accessible organisation respected by local, regional and national partners.
  • raising awareness of our sporting and leisure facilities and achievements of Three Hills Sports Park.
  • encouraging supporting and enabling local people of all ages to join clubs and opportunities at Three Hills Sports Park on a regular basis and participate at a level of their choice.
  • locating and securing funding that will enable Cheriton Road Sports Ground Trust to maintain Three Hills Sports Park to the highest level and further enhance the sport and leisure opportunities at Three Hills Sports Park.
  • ensuring that we have systems in place that enable Cheriton Road Sports Ground Trust to capture that what is being provided is having a positive impact and is also meeting the need of all our community.